Sharon will guide you through every step.

Her expertise in nutrition will help you lose weight and inches, and take your body to the next level.

  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Coach U – Core Essentials Graduate
  • Behavioral Analytical Trainer
  • B.S. Education
  • Professional coaching for corporate leadership executives, managers and general staff
  • Skillful facilitator, motivator and speaker to small and large audiences

Sharon is a nationally certified nutrition coach who works with individuals, business professionals, parents, students, administrators, teachers and athletes on all levels, including individual and team sports.

Her proven methods and expertise in nutrition and athletic performance continue to create positive change both physically and mentally for all clients, giving them the edge they need to perform their best in all areas of life — and taking them to the next level of their success.

Her Story

“From the time I was eight years old, you could find me playing sports or exercising every free moment. Although I was always active, I struggled with a few extra pounds and I was never happy with my own body. When I became a mother, I was working full time and had less time for myself. I was busy, tired and continued to struggle with my weight.

No matter what strategy I used to try to lose weight, it didn’t work. I tried low carb, low fat, less food, more exercise; nothing worked. The scale stayed the same and the extra inches kept creeping up.

The yo-yo dieting damaged my metabolism. I was exhausted and sleep deprived. I spent more hours at the gym, worked 12 hour days and took care of two young boys and a household.

My difficulties worsened when I developed hypothyroidism and went through menopause. I remained very active and ate healthy foods, but I continued to gain more body fat. Why wasn’t I seeing results?

It wasn’t until I understood there was a right and wrong way to eat my food. Learning how to correctly eat the foods I loved allowed me to stabilize my blood sugar on a consistent basis. I finally lost the weight and inches I had struggled with for so many years. I now had a plan that became a permanent lifestyle.

My results were so good that I wanted to share what I had learned so I became a certified nutrition coach. You see, I get it. I understand the pain and frustration of trying to lose weight without success. I understand low self-esteem and confidence when one isn’t happy with their body. Let me help you get your body back with the right nutrition plan for a permanent lifestyle change.”

The Key to Her Success

Venice Nutrition embraces the power of blood sugar stabilization. By eating the right food, you can create a balance in your body that will put you on the path to:

  • Weight loss
  • Fat burn
  • Muscle development
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Increased energy
  • Next-level performance

Personal Story

Growing up I watched my mom develop diabetes in her mid-40s. She wasn’t overweight and didn’t eat what we think of as a bad diet. She struggled to stabilize her blood sugar and received conflicting information on how to properly keep her blood sugar balanced.

My mom had heart surgery and a triple bypass, and I’ll never forget hearing the doctor’s words: “Your mom’s heart has been severely damaged by the diabetes, and we’re not sure how much longer it will hold out.”

Although my mother never complained, I watched her endure great pain as she suffered with neuropathy, bone deformity in both feet, and other symptoms associated with diabetes. While in the hospital for treatment to a wound that would not heal, she suffered a heart attack. The doctor was right, we didn’t get much longer to spend with her.

I know deep in my heart that if I could have provided my mom with the information I now have, I could have helped her with her struggles with diabetes. I want to teach people how to lead healthier and happier lives by balancing their blood sugar while also enjoying the foods they love, and I don’t want other families to endure the pain and suffering my mother and family endured.




Sharon Jones INBFC Certification 1