Healthy teachers are apt to feel good and be more productive. When teachers feel good, they’re effective, producing happier, successful, thriving students.

A+ Healthy Program

The A+ Healthy Program puts educators and administrators in the pupil’s chair. Teaching them how to eat healthier, helping them to stay alert and have more focus throughout the busy school day.

Sharon provides the tools and knowledge for blood sugar stabilization. Teachers will understand how to eat the right amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates during the day. This eliminates cravings and energy crashes, leaving more time to focus on students, as well as their own health and family.

The A+ Healthy Program provides 3 On-Site Meetings which include:

  1. Kick-off meeting on the first day to discuss program details and components of blood sugar stabilization. Documents distributed for the program, meal plans, access to online software, recipes and a personal copy of Mark Macdonald’s New York Times bestselling book, “Body Confidence.”
  2. Second meeting discusses positive changes and challenges. Questions answered about additional concerns, plateaus and the next phase of the program. Meeting is held during the middle part of the program. For example, meet during week 4 of an 8 week program.
  3. Third meeting is the final on-site session. More questions answered and discussion on how to continue moving forward for a healthier lifestyle.

Throughout the program, each participant receives two personal one-on-one coaching sessions with Sharon. Each session is based on the participant’s specific need. She’ll discuss eating and lifestyle habits as well as current health and commitment level to the program. Besides nutrition, key items like sleep, exercise, water and supplements will be reviewed.

Unlimited email and phone support with access to a private Facebook page created just for the specific school and participating teachers. The private Facebook page allows for extra coaching and motivation, as well questions, recipes and a sense of community.

Sharon’s goal of helping teachers to create a healthier lifestyle is just the tip of the iceberg. She wants to create a movement, starting first with teachers and administrators. Then, help students become healthier, their parents and entire communities.

 See what teachers say about Sharon and her program…

“The program was easy to follow and Sharon was always available. Thanks so much for bringing the program to our district, it saved me from going on insulin!”
“I loved Sharon and that the school district offered this program to me. I would not change anything about the program.”
“My biggest achievement was losing 23 pounds. I’m exercising and feeling so much better!”
“It was an awesome program and I’ve learned so much from Sharon.”
“Our coach, Sharon Jones, was amazing. She was always there to answer questions and give suggestions to be more successful. She was very encouraging and supportive. I couldn’t have been half as successful without her support.”
“The program was perfect, an eye opener and a realistic approach to losing weight.”
“Sharon Jones was outstanding, she was very encouraging and enthusiastic about teaching how to eat healthier. You could tell that she cared about the individuals in the program and respected their unique situations.”
“I lost 17 pounds by switching to this way of eating rather than doing a program that I was previously following.”
“Sharon made the program easy to follow and understand. Coaching with Sharon was very helpful. She was a great motivator.”
“My biggest achievement was gaining more muscle, losing a few inches from my mid-section, gaining more energy and learning new techniques to improve my workouts and increase my overall results.”