Sharon’s results-driven programs increase your metabolism, builds lean muscle and burns fat.

You’ll have more energy and your cravings will disappear.

8 Week Individual Program

Nutrition and Health Assessment (60-90 minutes)

The initial assessment is an opportunity to talk about your goals and get to know you on a personal level.

  • We’ll discuss your eating and lifestyle habits. We’ll also discuss your current health, exercise routine and commitment level to the program. You’ll have a basic understanding of blood sugar stabilization and how to start applying the program.
  • You’ll receive a handbook that talks about blood sugar stabilization and why it works over “diets” and “calorie counting.”
Five Personal Coaching Sessions (30-45 minutes per session)

We’ll discuss your customized plan during the first session. We’ll talk about nutrition and key items like sleep, exercise, water and supplements. You’ll have a “winning” program for your lifestyle.

  • Each follow up session is based upon your specific need. We’ll talk about meal planning, how to make healthy food choices at restaurants and how to “eat on the go.” We’ll discuss how to get the most out of your exercise, working with health issues and many more topics.
  • Work one-on-one with Sharon by phone or in person. Complete email and phone support throughout the program.
Complimentary Access to Online Software

What better way to stay on track with your personalized grocery list and goal setting page!

  • You’ll have access to delicious recipes and meal plans to mix and match. You can use meal plans from the online software or create your own meals from a list of your favorite foods.
  • Track your weight, body fat and progress with the Goal Setting Page and Progress Tracker. You can even stay on track with mobile access, too.

4 Week Individual Program

  • Same as 8 Week Program with fewer coaching sessions
  • Includes Nutrition and Health Assessment + 3 personal coaching sessions

Single Nutrition Coaching Session

A 90-minute consultation to get you started in the right direction

  • Let’s talk about your current health, assess where you are and discuss where you want to be. Learn key strategies to burn fat on a consistent basis, have more energy and get past your plateau.

Coaching for Athletes

Grocery Shopping Trip

  • A 90-minute shopping trip on how to read food labels and make healthier choices for you and your family. You choose the grocery store; I’ll help you choose the best options!








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Body Confidence Plan to Unlock Your Body's Full Potential

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An 8-week Run to Lose Bloat and Melt Belly Fat