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Sharon works with busy moms, business professionals, teachers, kids and athletes. She helps individuals lose weight and body fat with a simple step-by-step plan to make permanent lifestyle changes. You’ll feel better and more confident with a nutrition education to last a lifetime. Sharon’s expertise in nutritional coaching teamed up with Venice Nutrition’s cutting edge system will take your health and fitness to the next level.

  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Coach U – Core Essentials Graduate
  • Behavioral Analytical Trainer
  • B.S. Education
  • Professional coaching for corporate leadership executives, managers and general staff
  • Skillful facilitator, motivator and speaker to small and large audiences

testimonialWe piloted Sharon’s program with the staff in one of twenty-five school districts. The results were so successful, we are now offering her program to all of our member districts!” Sharon’s program is equipped with great ideas that inspired our members to move in the direction of a healthier lifestyle. She did this in a simple, realistic and positive manner that allowed our participants to integrate the lessons learned into their everyday routine, which is right in line with our wellness goals and objectives.

Laura McCune, MPH, CHES - TrustWellness Program Coordinator
I’m down 17 lbs. with a goal of 20 and I feel fantastic! I would like to thank you for all of your time and effort. The wellness plan completely changed my thinking, motives regarding weight loss, and mindset regarding exercise. I started the program with the “1% improvement” goal and have maintained that philosophy which has allowed me to progress slowly but consistently. This is the first program I have ever encountered that I see as a lifestyle change. On days when I don’t follow it perfectly, I can take the things I’ve learned and apply them to my meal choices. When I have a bad day, I’m anxious to get back on track because I feel so much better when I follow the plan! When I open my closet, I don’t have to stick with the few things I was wearing last spring.

Kerry S - Wentzville School District
The Body Confidence program is a great program. I have struggled with my weight for nearly 40 years. I tried all kinds of diets. I have been a Weight Watchers member numerous times. While WW is a good program, I was never able to stick with it completely. I guess I thought there were too many rules, guidelines and points to follow. Last year the Body Confidence program was presented to the Webster Groves School District. Sharon Jones presented the program to a group of us who had been selected to participate. She helped me to understand the importance of eating foods that would help in stabilizing my blood sugar through eating small balanced meals throughout the day to keep the high and lows down to a minimum, which would also help to curb my appetite. I have lost 20 pounds, several inches and overall I feel better. This is a wonderful and lifestyle changing program, it is changing me physically but more important it is changing me mentally.

Adrienne Collins - Webster Groves School District
My medical physician referred me to Sharon and in only two coaching sessions, Sharon provided me with the knowledge to help me get my health back on track. I lost 30 lbs. and have kept the weight off for over eight months. I lost over 4 inches from my waist, dropped 4 pant sizes and lost over 5 inches from my hips. I am no longer a candidate for cholesterol medication and my A1C number dropped significantly. In less than 4 months, my blood pressure medicine was cut in half and has since been reduced to a lower dose. I have more energy, I exercise at least 3 times a week and I feel so much better. Sharon provided me with the tools and support which helped me reach my original goals. I have made new goals and am looking forward to my continued progress.

Donna A. - Registered Nurse
“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help and nutrition information. I have learned a whole new way to eat and a whole new lifestyle. This balanced approach to my meals has not only made the scale move down, but my energy level is better than it has been in years.” “I and other employees on the plan have had great success and wonderful lab results. It has been fun to watch our employees become healthier and share their success.” “I plan to continue eating this way for the rest of my life. The way I feel is addictive and I just want to have my new stamina each day to enjoy my family and life.”

Tracy Payne - Human Resources/Benefits Specialist


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